- Serving those that serve us -

All participating restaurants must agree to offer free meals to uniformed police, sheriff and highway patrol officers on the 1st Sunday & Monday of September, This year it is Sept. 3rd & 4th, 2017.

Everything else we leave up to the restaurants:

 - What is a meal? - Each restaurant can use their own judgement on what they consider a “meal”.  We (at O’Malley’s) will be offering food (appetizer, entree, dessert & non-alcoholic beverages, even take out) that we consider to be a reasonable amount for one person.  

 - What about non-uniformed officers? - Feed the Force does specify that participating restaurants are offering free meals to “uniformed officers”.  The idea is that they will be on duty, easily recognizable and it also removes alcohol from the equation.  However, we understand that some officers do not work in uniform.  If an officer shows a badge, we will be happy to oblige, but it is up to each restaurant how to handle that situation.

 - What about officers’ families? - We have stated that Feed the Force is for the officers and it should not be expected for family members.  But if any restaurant wants to extend the offering further to the families, they are totally welcome to do so.  Also, if the officers are on duty, their families are not likely to be with them.  

 - What if my restaurant is closed one (or both of the days)? - It's Labor Day Weekend so we understand that many restaurants may be closed during part or all of the 1st Sunday & Monday in September.  If your restaurant is open at any time during either that Sunday or Monday and you are offering free meals to officers during that time then you can participate.  If you are closed both of the days but want to give officers free meals on another day (ex. the day after), then you can participate too!  Just be sure to share your participation details with your Feed the Force promotions.

 - What if my business is not a restaurant? - It’s ok! Even though Feed the Force is geared toward restaurants, any business that wants to offer a free product or service can be included.  Just be sure to share your participation details with your Feed the Force promotions.

 - Any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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